Toilet paper at the kitchen table

Here’s a cultural difference that a student of mine noticed:

I went to an American university for one year and lived in a dorm with my American roommate. I used to cook Korean food for us and we enjoyed eating together. However, he was shocked and disgusted when I wiped my mouth with toilet paper after the meal.

Interestingly, I noticed this when I came to Korea and saw toilet paper where I didn’t expect it. In Korea, people use toilet paper for all kinds of things. In a lot of restaurants you’ll see rolls of toilet paper on the tables. Koreans use toilet paper in the bathroom and in the kitchen or on restaurant tables. For some it takes a little getting used to.

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James Trotta began teaching public speaking in 2002 and interview skills in 2008. Somewhere in between he began teaching intercultural communication, public speaking, and resume / cover letter writing.

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