Personality question: Who was your favorite Beatle?

Believe it or not I had a boss who would always ask people who their favorite Beatle was. If they said John he considered them radical or left leaning, if they said George they were moderate centrists and if the said Paul he considered them more conservative or right leaning. If someone said Ringo he felt they had something to hide or where just trying to impress him with a different answer as no one really liked Ringo. While it might seem very wierd, it always seemed to provide a pretty accurate brief analysis of the individual as we found out after they were hired.

I’m just relating a unique question one of my former bosses (I’m retired) used to ask and how he interpreted some responses. Obviously anyone who would think a final hiring decision was made based on the response is an idiot. However, it was a good question to throw people off their game a little during the interview process and often got some interesting conversations going as they tended to relax more and talk more about themselves. I say whatever works!

Notice how the emphasis is on getting the interviewee off their game and getting an interesting conversation going. When you get interview questions, one of your main goals is to make the conversation an interesting one. Interesting people get hired because the interviewer would probably like to work with interesting people.

So don’t get too thrown off your game by these types of questions. Be yourself and be interesting. Let your personality show and be likable.

And, since the person who asks this question probably likes the Beatles, you should have a favorite and at least appreciate their music. Don’t say that the Beatles suck and everyone who likes the Beatles is a tool. Name one, and say what you appreciate about him. And be willing to have a friendly conversation.

Great question. (smile) I’d have to say Paul is my favorite. The thing I admire most is his work on A Garland for Linda – it’s just such a beautiful tribute album and Paul did a piece on there and I’m sure that his influence helped get the other great artists to write for the album. And it shows real love, something I think we have to admire.

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