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Interviewee question: tell me about yourself

I just had an interview with a decent company. I think it went OK. I just want to ask your opinion on something. In school, we had several accounting professors who were partners in big fours, some were CFOs, COO, and CAO. Basically they weren’t people from the street, they were successful individuals. Whenever it […]

Interview experience: Lotte Department Store Seoul (sales management)

The job aptitude test started at 7:50 AM and the interviews started at 9:15. First interview This was a high pressure interview where two workers grilled me. I remember a few questions: Have you gotten any suggestions that you found hard to accept recently? How did you react? Tell us about something you did creatively […]

Interview experience: Daewoo International 2010 (Steel)

I was in the afternoon group so I arrived at noon and the interview started at 12:30. It was a personality interview where six executives asked questions of me. I was the only interviewee and the atmosphere was very heavy. What do you know about our company? Tell us in English. Why did you apply […]

Interview experience: Daewoo International in Seoul, Korea

On April 29, 2010 I interviewed for my dream job at Daewoo International. Now that I’m working somewhere else, the interview remains a painful memory but I can’t deny that it was a learning experience. I had to arrive at Daewoo Headquarters at 7:30 am. I arrived on time but nearly everyone else was early. […]