About James

My wife and dogs and I recently decided to move back to America, after 11 years in Korea. In Korea, I experienced, studied, and taught the subjects I plan to cover on jamestrotta.com – intercultural communication, public speaking, interview skills, plus resume and cover letter writing.

In America, I plan to continue studying and teaching communication. That’s what this website is for; I hope to share my ideas and learn from your ideas (when you leave comments).

While living in South Korea for 11 years, I have had plenty of intercultural communication experiences. It turns out I really love hearing about people’s experiences with cultural differences. There are so many stories – from the Korean exchange student who had no idea what to do or say when he got pulled over in America to the American professor in Korea who thought his wife was lying to him about a family feud.

I began teaching my students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul how to handle misunderstandings when they pop up due to cultural differences, because the ability to handle cultural differences that interfere with communication is such a useful skill. After all, most people will benefit from successfully communicating with people from cultures other than their own.

I’ve been teaching people how to write resumes, how to write cover letters, how to speak in public, and how to succeed in job interviews for several years. I can use that experience to help you succeed in your professional life by helping you to become a better writer, a better public speaker, and a better interviewer.

I have the experience to help both native and non-native speakers of English.