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Relationships between Korean students and American teachers

Here’s a Korean’s view on the cultural differences between dealing with teachers in Korea and in America. One aspect of American culture I really cannot adapt to is the way students behave to their teachers. English has no honorifics so there is no way of speaking with respect to older people. I cannot call a […]

Interview experience: Lotte Department Store Seoul (sales management)

The job aptitude test started at 7:50 AM and the interviews started at 9:15. First interview This was a high pressure interview where two workers grilled me. I remember a few questions: Have you gotten any suggestions that you found hard to accept recently? How did you react? Tell us about something you did creatively […]

Interview experience: Daewoo International 2010 (Steel)

I was in the afternoon group so I arrived at noon and the interview started at 12:30. It was a personality interview where six executives asked questions of me. I was the only interviewee and the atmosphere was very heavy. What do you know about our company? Tell us in English. Why did you apply […]