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Beyond culture shock: he blew his nose in class

A fun story from one of my students: When I first went to America there were many things i wasn’t familiar with. The most shocking story of all happened during my first day in American school. A kid sitting next to me stood up in the middle of class, walked all the way to the […]

Toilet paper at the kitchen table

Here’s a cultural difference that a student of mine noticed: I went to an American university for one year and lived in a dorm with my American roommate. I used to cook Korean food for us and we enjoyed eating together. However, he was shocked and disgusted when I wiped my mouth with toilet paper […]

Lunch with a Canadian friend from a Korean perspective

Consider this story from one of my students: When I met my Canadian friend, I suggested we get lunch together. When she showed up for the lunch date, my Canadian fried had brought her friend along – a total stranger to me. In Korea, this kind of arrangement is between the inviter and the invitee. […]

Personality question: Who was your favorite Beatle?

Believe it or not I had a boss who would always ask people who their favorite Beatle was. If they said John he considered them radical or left leaning, if they said George they were moderate centrists and if the said Paul he considered them more conservative or right leaning. If someone said Ringo he […]