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Trick questions

Most interviewers are smart enough not to use them but some claim that trick questions are good for spotting people like to spew BS. I don’t like these questions personally but there is something to that. These questions make it easy to spot when someone is pretending to know what they’re talking about. Given the […]

Personality question: what kind of animal are you?

Some interview questions seem ridiculous and impossible to answer. Many of these crazy sounding questions are personality questions and if you recognize a personality question, you can actually forget about trying to find the right answer and just relax – let your personality show. what kind of animal are you? There’s no right answer (but […]

Hired! by Elinor Stutz – book review

I approached Elinor Stutz’s Hired! published by Career Press with some interest since I actively teach interview skills and I want to make sure I’m giving my students the best ideas to work with. Plus I have no real sales experience so perhaps someone trained in sales would have some good insights on applying sales […]

Interview experience: Daewoo International in Seoul, Korea

On April 29, 2010 I interviewed for my dream job at Daewoo International. Now that I’m working somewhere else, the interview remains a painful memory but I can’t deny that it was a learning experience. I had to arrive at Daewoo Headquarters at 7:30 am. I arrived on time but nearly everyone else was early. […]

Tell us about yourself: how to & how not to

You have to be careful when it comes to taking advice on how to interview from the internet. Lots of people want to give you interview advice but much of the advice people want to give is not worth taking. Let’s look at this example of how to answer the question, Tell us about yourself. […]